Do you have something to say? 

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink”


Karen from Mean Girls, 2004

But what if pink just isn’t your colour? Or you think pink is great any day of the week?

I’ve been reviewing movies, and now Netflix, for almost a decade so I know a thing or three about writing reviews that are engaging, entertaining and answer a question.

For movies, the question is simple….should I spend my hard earned $$$ and take 3 or 4 hours out of my life to see this movie?

But movies aren’t the only things that need to be reviewed and it seems these days, there’s a review for everything. There are entire websites dedicated to reviews!

So, maybe you need to say something, and you need it said right.

You could be reviewing a place, product, service or business. You might need to make sense of some data or other information that needs to be broken down, re-written and relayed to others.

Having something to say is important but knowing how to say it can ‘make or break’ the piece.

Are you ready to make Fetch happen?