Does new web series Chambers have heart?

Sasha is a high school student who has a heart attack while canoodling with her boyfriend. Miraculously, another local young woman, Becky, dies and Sasha receives her heart. Weird shit starts to happen with Sasha seeing visions and feeling connected to the now dead Becky. Suddenly, Sasha is immersed in Becky’s world and becomes obsessed with solving the mystery surrounding Becky’s death. The closer she gets to uncovering the truth, the weirder and more sinister…

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The new zombie series Black Summer has a bit of bite!

Written as a prequel to the recently cancelled Z Nation (the first 4 seasons are available on Netflix. I am not sure where you can watch the 5th and final season), this new zombie series is set in the early days after some sort of zombie event. We pick up the action during a mandatory evacuation of a city and Rose (King) is separated from her daughter. The reason is ridiculous, but it sets up…

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