The Bachelor Australia 2019: Episode 2 Recap

The Bachelor Australia 2019: Episode 2 Recap

*** This recap contains spoilers so if you don’t want to know, look away now *** 

A new day dawns in the Bachelor mansion and Emma remains completely smitten and cannot wait for a date. Rachael thinks that Emma is a desperado.

Just a reminder that it was Rachael who met Matt in a gaudy white bridal gown, complete with bridesmaid in tow.

Osher appears, waves the first date red envelope and the excitement level reaches fever pitch.

It’s a single date. But who will it be?

Mary tells us she’s not, like, a stalker or anything, she just wants time with her husband. Mary is scary.

Hannah takes 3 ½ weeks to open the card and announces the lucky girl is Sogand.

The first date

Sogand is excited and floats out of the mansion on a cloud of joy to meet Matt and climb into waiting helicopter. They’re whisked away to fly over the coast and spend their time together holding hands and marvelling at the stunning views.

Back at the mansion, Emma tells the girls she’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t get the first kiss. She’s obsessing about the first kiss. Later in the day, Emma will have a few conversations, most of them beginning with ‘I don’t want to sound like a bitch but ….’

Emma then says very bitchy things. Honey, you’re a bitch.

Matt’s date with Sogand ends with them all dressed up, sipping wine, listening to an orchestra and just being together.

Sorry Emma but Sogand gets the first kiss. And she was the one who initiated. Get it girl! She also gets a rose and can’t wait to get back to the mansion.

Neither can we!

At the mansion, Mary continues to showcase her scary clinger views when Sogand floats back in and, sorry not sorry, announces she and Matt have shared The First Kiss.

Emma’s not happy. She wants Sogand to stop going on about it. Emma wants Sogand to just shut up. She doesn’t want to sound like a bitch but …

We all sigh and roll our eyes while rubbing our hands together as we sense some major drama brewing.

The new girls

The next day the mansion is empty with everyone on an archery date with Matt. We’re shown a bit of footage from the date and see Matt give Chelsie a rose but I’m not entirely sure why. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter because the main thing is Chelsie, not Our Elly, has a rose.

Birds are literally chirping into the silence when a black stretch limo appears, and 8 new girls tumble out. All are keen to get into the mansion and rid it of its original inhabitants.

Oh, this is gonna be gooooood

The new girls correctly surmise it will be old girls vs new girls.

Emma is going to have a meltdown, and someone needs to keep all sharp objects away from Mary!

The originals arrive back home to Osher announcing there are new girls in their mansion and there’ll be a Rose Ceremony tonight!

But first, they must sit and watch as the new girls have their big intro moment with Matt. Unsurprisingly, they feel threatened and things get a little tense.

Matt sums it up perfectly.

‘I’m not sure who’s in the worse position, the original girls, the new girls or me who’s stuck in the middle.’

It’s what we’re here for, Matt!

Each new girl does their best to be memorable. Julia, a children’s entertainer, sings an original song on a ukulele. Nikki does a cheerleading routine. But it’s Monique, a 26-year-old lingerie designer who causes the biggest stir.

Nichole watches Monique teach Matt a few boxing techniques and says she wants a crack at Monique. Nichole, who has no problem attracting men and isn’t desperate, acts a bit desperate at the first sign of competition.

Emma just flat out admits she’s jealous and refers to the new girls as ‘a herd of cattle’.


The great cull of 2019

The cocktail party is a whirl of activity as the ladies try to get Matt’s attention. It’s absolute carnage and some of the originals decide, quite sensibly, to just sit back and watch.

Abbie, who at 23 may be the youngest in the house, says she won’t stoop and make a fool of herself over Matt. It’s possibly the wisest thing yet said in the mansion.

The Rose Ceremony commences with Osher announcing Matt only has 17 roses.

6 ladies are going home.

Sogand and Chelsie already have a rose but hang on, where’s Vakoo? Did someone leave her wrapped up in her red carpet?

(Vakoo later appears on Instagram to announce she had pink eye, poor thing, so sat out filming but received her a rose off camera, so she’ll be back next week.)

The Great Cull commences with quite a few of the new girls staying. Abbie, who didn’t want to make a fool of herself over Matt is chosen last.

I don’t want to sound like a bitch but is that a production punishment for daring to defy?


Whatever has or hasn’t happened, the great cull has left Matt with 20 ladies.

And next week, the ladies play footy, Monique ramps up her seduction of Matt and Nichole cracks it and storms off the set.



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