Gad is a very famous comedian… in France. Seemingly bored with his life (midlife crisis?) and tired of having another man raise his teenage son, he decides to move to Los Angeles, where his son lives with his mother, to try to reconnect with him.

The catch is, he’ll have to do it without a single celebrity perk.

Should I watch it? Yeah, nah. I didn’t find it funny or even interesting and only made it through 4 episodes before I gave up. In fact, I think the show struggles to even define itself. Does it want to be a comedy or a drama?

The main characters are all unappealing. Gad himself is a tiresome man, his ex-wife is a shrill harpy and their teenage son Luke is, to be frank, a little shit who flounces and pouts his way through his scenes.

The only bright spot is the hapless assistant Brian, who is hired by Gad to make Hollywood realise Gad is in town. It’s a thankless job for sure.

Give this one a miss.

Where:  Netflix

Release Date:  April 12, 2019

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 8

Who is in it: Gad Elmaleh, Matthew Del Negro, Erinn Hayes, Brian Kurihara, Jordan Ver Hoeve